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new_for_ibcThis autumn, Timecode Systems is releasing the ultimate production and camera accessory – a single box solution to streamlining production workflows. It’s their most advanced, feature-packed and future-proof piece of long range RF and WiFi enabled timecode and metadata technology yet and it’s all set to be unveiled for the first time at IBC 2014 in Amsterdam from 12-16 September.

Timecode Systems has built on the proven capability of the award-winning Timecode Buddy: wifi master to create a whole new generation of timecode technology – the :pulse, a compact, multi-functional timecode and metadata hub. The first thing most people will notice about the company’s latest launch is its diminutive size and apparent simplicity. But beyond the compact and robust aluminum case lies unrivalled timecode and metadata innovation offering a single box solution to streamlining production workflows.

“With the :pulse we wanted to create the ultimate production and camera accessory to offer unparalleled flexibility in any shooting situation – in the smallest possible package,” Paul Scurrell, managing director of Timecode Systems. “We’ve crammed a lot into the :pulse with the aim to make it the hub for generating, syncing and sharing all production metadata. It truly is the pulse of a production.”

pulseoneThe core functionality of the :pulse is everything you would expect from Timecode Buddy’s generate, sync and share guarantee. Use it to generate their signature brand of super accurate timecode and genlock. Sync with zero drift between units via a long range robust RF transceiver and use the integrated WiFi to share all of this information to the Timecode Buddy: pulse app, MovieSlate app or Adobe LiveLogger app.

But the Timecode Systems team didn’t stop there and it’s these added features that are set to make the :pulse groundbreaking.

First, no other comparable product can handle 3D as simply and seamlessly as the :pulse. Timecode Systems added a built-in Ethernet/WiFi bridge plus a two-port Ethernet switch to enable users to attach two network enabled cameras to one unit for 3D rigs.

Secondly, they included additional features that would make it an invaluable camera accessory as well as a timecode and metadata tool. The :pulse supports the latest camera protocols including LANC, USB and a serial communications port. This, for example, allows ARRI Alexa users full wireless camera control from an iPad.

“The :pulse has initially been designed to be the perfect partner for an ARRI Alexa,” explains Scurrell. “Used in conjunction with the MovieSlate iOS app or our bespoke :pulse app, our newest Buddy allows Alexa users to start/stop recording, move lens motors and pre-set witness marks, monitor camera media, monitor camera status and access other settings and metadata directly from an iPad. And this is just the start. The multiple interfaces provided by the :pulse will allow connectivity to many cameras, sound recorders and other accessories in the future.”

In addition to the core technical functionality, Timecode Systems has also packed in a whole range of user-friendly features to give users the best possible experience. First of all, measuring just 94mm x 67mm x 23mm, it’s unbelievably small considering the depth of its functionality. The :pulse also has a high resolution OLED display, flexible mounting methods, multiple powering options (a Li Polymer internal battery that is constantly charged from either the 9-34volt LEMO2 connector, 5V micro USB connector or 24-48v PoE on the RJ45 connector). And for the ARRI Alexa, no extra power cable is required – just plug in the pulse Ethernet cable and timecode cable and you’re good to go.

During IBC 2014, the Timecode Systems team will show the :pulse in action for the first time, demonstrating how it interacts seamlessly with the MovieSlate app, Timecode Buddy: pulse app and the ARRI Alexa, in addition to Timecode Buddy compatible third party products such as  the new Denecke TS-TCB Slate. You can visit Timecode Systems at stand 9.B14b.

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