Product spotlight: 10 ways the :pulse will set your heart racing

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When we launched this weekly product spotlight series on our website, our aim was to answer one of the biggest questions our customers ask: What makes our solution better than the rest? Over the past few weeks, we’ve given you plenty of information about our products to demonstrate the uniqueness of our system. However, if we were asked to respond with one word to what makes our system truly stand out, our answer would be simply this – :pulse.

Designed specifically to deliver synergies to busy crews on multicamera shoots, the :pulse offers wireless sync and remote device control capability in one compact product. Here is a run-down of the features that make this product our most sophisticated workflow solution yet.


  1. Ensure all cameras hit the beat at the same time. Think of the :pulse as the conductor in an orchestra. Using either timecode, genlock or word clock, it sets the pace of a shoot and ensures every video and sound source records in sync from start to finish.
  2. Wireless sync is over long range BLINK RF. Synchronisation between units is via BLINK RF (a wireless long-range sync, control and metadata exchange protocol). By using the uncongested long range RF frequencies 865MHz to 923MHz, we’re able to avoid the overcrowding and unpredictability of Wi-Fi to create a more reliable sync between units.
  3. It has integrated Wi-Fi. There is no need for any fiddly attachments and there are no dongles to lose or forget; the Wi-Fi capability of the :pulse is neatly and conveniently hidden within the product casing.
  4. Or, use the Ethernet port instead. Wi-Fi has huge benefits and its performance continues to improve, but some issues remain around interference, overcrowding and inconsistent coverage. The option of using Ethernet, enables you to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to go wired or not, giving you complete confidence of a fast, reliable and consistent connection, wherever you are.
  5. Remote monitor and control. With a :pulse set as the timecode master unit, you can activate the device’s integral Wi-Fi or add a wired connection to the Ethernet port to open the free, multiplatform BLINK Hub app on any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet, or MacBook. From there, you can monitor and control the battery levels, view sync status, and change the settings of multiple :pulse, :wave, :minitrx+ and SyncBac PRO units centrally from a single screen.
  6. Bespoke Sound Devices features. The :pulse comes with the same capability as the :wave in terms of the bespoke remote control and metadata management features for Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorders. Simply use a bespoke interface cable (see TCB-40 or TCB-41) from the :pulse’s data port to the USB port on a Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorder to sync, manage and share timecode and metadata for takes recorded on 633, 664 and 688 mixers.13923260_1156295331093943_3151546788795975358_o
  7. Remote control for third-party sound AND camera equipment. We’ve boosted the power of our BLINK protocol to add the potential to remotely access the controls and settings of a broader range of third party broadcast equipment when using the :pulse as a mini base station. The biggest difference between the :wave and :pulse is the possibility of using the :pulse to remotely access the settings of multiple GoPro HERO4 cameras on a shoot as well as audio devices.
  8. Hard-wearing and robust. They say it’s what’s inside that counts, and when it comes to the :pulse we certainly agree. That’s why we gave the :pulse a solid, aluminium casing.pulse3
  9. It’s surprisingly small. Size is important to crews – who wants an additional piece of bulky equipment to carry around on a shoot? The :pulse is just 94mm x 67mm x 23mm.
  10. It’s cheaper than you think. The :pulse’s RRP is £799 ($1195 or €1075).

The :pulse, is now available to buy through our international network of resellers. Is it time to add one to your kit collection?

See it in action

ibctransWe’ll be showing how the :pulse, in combination with the BLINK Hub app, can deliver new synergies to busy crews at IBC2016. Visit us in Hall 11 on stand B.30a.

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