New :mini rx completes Timecode Buddy’s ‘mini’ range

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Timecode Systems is launching its latest addition to the Timecode Buddy
line-up at NAB 2014 – an ultra-compact receiver. The :mini rx completes
the popular ‘mini’ range offering the most versatile wireless timecode
syncing system on the market.

Measuring just 29mm x 44mm x 70mm and weighing a mere 122g, the
new :mini rx is perfectly proportioned to attach conveniently to a camera.
But within its petite packaging lies the uncompromising timecode syncing
capability you expect from a Timecode Buddy. An extremely accurate internal TCXO timecode and genlock generator ensures the :mini rx stays perfectly synced to its partner Buddy unit, even if RF is lost.

Pair it with a :mini trx (a multi-channel transceiver) or a :mini tx (a multi-channel transmitter) attached to a
timecode source and you have a completely cable-free way to generate and sync impeccably accurate
timecode in any television shooting scenario. And, of course, you have the option to link it to Timecode
Buddy’s signature product – the :wifi master – unlocking the capability to wirelessly stream and display realtime
SMPTE timecode directly to an iPhone or iPad.

Timecode Systems uses the latest technology (including a high spec temperature controlled crystal oscillator,
licence-free international RF channels, high density multiple boards, USB2.0 OTG technology and a Lithium
Polymer battery) to ensure that the diminishing dimensions of its products doesn’t come at the expense of quality.

“Sometimes size matters – we get that – but our priority remains on retaining our reputation for unrivalled
timecode accuracy,” says Paul Scurrell, managing director of Timecode Systems. “Our challenge was to
create a suite of ‘mini’ products that could generate the same world-class accurate timecode as our :wifi
master and were just as easy to sync and use, but could be produced in much smaller casing. The :mini tx
and :mini trx proved the concept works and our new generator buffered receiver completes our ‘mini’package.”

If the petite proportions of this product haven’t captured your attention, its attractive price tag will. “The motive
behind creating a stripped back receiver only unit was not just size driven,” Scurrell admits. “Our customers,
and the production teams they work for, told us they wanted a lower cost, but equally accurate, alternative for
syncing multiple sound and camera sources. The :mini rx means we can now offer this.”

The Timecode Buddy: system offers a reliable and user-friendly way to generate, sync and share accurate
timecode and metadata wirelessly over RF and WiFi simultaneously. Since its launch in April 2012, the system
has become a familiar item of kit on reality shows, documentaries and film sets across the UK, EMEA and US.
The Timecode Systems team will be unveiling the :mini rx at NAB 2014 from 7th11th April and the products
will be available to buy from stockists following the show.

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