A new generation of clapper slate

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Combining the convenience and functionality of a digislate with the timeless appeal of a clapper board,
the new Denecke TS-TCB slate offers a twist on tradition that will satisfy the professional preferences
of any production team. The compact, high spec Intelligent hardware clapper slate is the result of the
combined brainpower of Denecke and Timecode Systems (the company behind the Timecode Buddy:
system) and will be on show at NAB 2014 next week.

While many production teams appreciate the capabilities of an iPad digislate, some still favour a real slate –
and demand the clap that marks the start of a take. Timecode Systems recognised this and saw an
opportunity to join forces with established slate manufacturer, Denecke, to integrate the functionally of the
Timecode Buddy: wifi master into the solid, dependable Denecke TS3 slate.

Inside the Denecke TS-TCB you’ll find Timecode Systems’ :system ONE controller board and a :system ONE
custom display board. Together they equip this clapper board with a highly accurate internal timecode
generator, RF transceiver, WiFi chip and customised display panel. The output is Timecode, clap stick times
and metadata that’s instantly configured, synced and then remains in perfect harmony all day long, even if RF
is momentarily lost.

The addition of the :system ONE board also makes the Denecke TS-TCB automatically compatible with the
entire Timecode Buddy: system as well as full integration into the control surface of the MovieSlate app. It also
works alongside the new Teradek Cube PRO and Timecode Buddy’s other supporting third party applications
(e.g. MovieSlate, Adobe Prelude LiveLogger, Softron Movie Recorder/Multicam Logger and IN2CORE

“By working together with Denecke, we’ve created a physical slate with networking capabilities to seamlessly
integrate into digital workflow apps for content logging,” says Paul Scurrell, Timecode Systems managing
director. “We’ve created the most powerful intelliSlate on the market giving users for the first time the
advantage of a real slate but with two way communication enabled by the Timecode buddy: system.”
The collaboration represents another leap forward in Timecode Systems’ quest to simplify and enhance
production workflows. Generate, sync, share – three words that together encapsulate what Timecode Buddy
offers. Generate world-class accurate timecode. Sync audio and picture wirelessly over a robust multi-channel
RF digital timecode link. And then share this data with iOS and OS X devices over WiFi. These capabilities are
now available to Denecke customers too.

“Our rock solid and trusted slates provided the perfect base for Timecode Buddy’s wireless technology,” says
Charles Parra, president of Denecke. “It’s a fantastic to be able to offer our customers a slate that’s instantly
configured, and mirrored if required, from an elegant app user interface. This is perfect for keeping the slate
metadata automatically in sync with the production notes and vice versa.”

See the new Denecke TS-TCB in action at NAB 2014 at booth C1439.

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