UltraSync BLUE: Ten things you should know about the timecode-over-Bluetooth solution

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Image of UltraSync BLUE timecode over Bluetooth sync solution, with an iphone and computer highlighting the simplicity of capturing footage to editing.

Last year we introduced the latest innovation to our timecode line-up, the UltraSync BLUE. The UltraSync BLUE is the first of our products to transmit timecode to a recording device over Bluetooth® with sub-frame accuracy.

Since then, our development team have been working behind the scenes to adopt more manufacturers to expand the UltraSync BLUE’s compatibility with third party products, including Zoom, Softron, and PureBlend.

‘So why should I add this to my timecode collection?’ We hear you ask. Learn more about the unique features of the UltraSync BLUE below:

1) It’s small, light, and extremely cost-effective

The device itself measures just 55mm x 43mm x 17mm, weighs only 36g, and costs £125 ($179 or €149), making it small enough to fit neatly into a pocket during filming and affordable enough to be used on any type of production – from documentaries, news gathering, and reality shows to wedding videos and independent films.

2) There are no cables required

The UltraSync BLUE can to sync up to four devices in close range over Bluetooth, which means that it’s perfect for all kinds of uses, including interviews, vlogs and social media content.

Zoom F8N and UltraSync BLUE

3) Sync your Zoom sound recorders

Add frame-accurate timecode to your sound recordings, by connecting the UltraSync BLUE with the following Zoom devices:

  • H3-VR Handy Recorder
  • F8/F8N MultiTrack Field Recorders
  • F6 MultiTrack Field Recorder (compatible upon release)

Learn more about our work with Zoom here.

4) You can also sync iPhones

That’s right! Using either the MAVIS, Apogee MetaRecorder, Softron or MovieSlate apps, you can now align and edit video and audio content captured on iphones and turn it in to high quality multicamera video content. Want to know more? Click here for further information.

UltraSync BLUE and wireless digislate app

5) There’s a slate app for that!

Simply use an UltraSync BLUE and download our free slate app to turn your iPad or iPhone into a highly-accurate wireless digislate. This creates an accurate visual timecode display that can be used by the crew either to capture precise logging notes or to slate additional cameras. Download the slate app here.

6) You can still use existing TCS products as part of your workflow

The UltraSync BLUE is compatible with all of our devices. You can connect the UltraSync BLUE to a Timecode Systems RF network and sync to other camera and audio recorders using TCS units on the same channel.

7) That includes the BLINK Hub too!

Using a :pulse master unit, you can control and customise the settings of your UltraSync BLUE devices on your network remotely via a smartphone, tablet or app.

8) Product support is on hand

If you’re already a proud owner of the UltraSync BLUE, and you’re looking for a product manual to help you with your initial set-up, check out our support pages for guidance and step-by-step instructions.

9) It’s available to purchase now

The UltraSync BLUE can be purchased from our network of international resellers, or from our online shop for £125 | $179 | €149 exc. taxes. Our online shop also ships to the UK, Europe and North America.

10) There are more integrations on the way

This is just the beginning for UltraSync BLUE. We plan to bring you more integrated products soon – watch this space for further announcements!

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