Version 4 firmware launches a new super-charged BLINK

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Our Version 4 firmware is now available to download. Before upgrading any of your Timecode Systems devices, please ensure you are using the latest USB Updater App (version 4.1).

This new update not only integrates SyncBac PRO devices into our network, but also launches a new, super-charged BLINK RF protocol. This is an essential update for the :pulse, :wave, :minitrx+ and TS-TCB Slate and we advise you to download Version 4 firmware immediately to ensure optimal performance of these units.

BLINK is the RF protocol that locks together the company’s wireless timecode system by generating a robust and reliable RF link between Timecode Systems’ devices. In doing so, it allows timecode, metadata, status, and control commands to travel between individual units and creates the wireless communication network driving the system.




With the new Version 4 firmware update, each Timecode Systems unit can now be assigned a “BLINK Master ID,” which is a friendly name for the network chosen by the user. This new function enables all receiving timecode sources to be paired with a specific master unit. The friendly name is shown on the screen of every receiving unit connected to a master, making it easy to confirm a link. When filming in an environment where there are multiple crews, and therefore potentially multiple master units operating within the same range, the BLINK Master ID allows users to see, at a glance, that receiving units are syncing with the correct master.

“At major events and in large film studios, several crews can be filming in the same location, which opens up the potential of several timecode master sources operating within range of each other,” said Paul Scurrell, CEO of Timecode Systems Limited. “To prevent receiving units connecting to a neighbouring crew’s master timecode, production teams have to spend time negotiating with each other to make sure they use different RF channels. The Version 4 update offers a hassle-free solution. By giving units a BLINK Master ID, all receiving timecode sources in a rig can be permanently paired with a specific Timecode Systems master timecode source. So, even if other crews are using the same channel, the units will stay connected to the assigned master.”

The creation of the BLINK Master ID was part of the development process for SyncBac PRO, Timecode Systems’ new wireless, embedded timecode sync solution for GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. The release of the new Version 4 firmware update follows shipping of the first SyncBac PRO units last week.

“Filming using GoPros not only increases the number of video sources involved in a shoot, but also means cameras are often roaming and can easily stray into the range of another master unit,” Scurrell said. “By assigning each SyncBac PRO with a BLINK Master ID, we guarantee that even when a GoPro is on the move, its SyncBac PRO will stay locked to the crew’s master timecode source.”

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