SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6: Shipping now

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SyncBac PRO and GoPro HERO6 camera
The SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6 is available to buy again from our web store and across our international network of dealers.

Two important updates

1. Update your camera

New v2.0 firmware released by GoPro for the HERO6 includes some important updates that enable the camera to fully support timecode synchronisation (in particular maintaining accuracy beyond the first ‘chapter’ clip generated by the camera). This new update also adds the bonus feature of allowing the camera to be remotely powered on and off from the BLINK Hub app (a great way to conserve battery life when cameras are mounted in inaccessible locations).

2. Update your SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6

To ensure full functionality, please ensure you are running the latest release of firmware for the SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6 (v2.06) and also update your :pulse to embed changes to BLINK Hub.

What’s changed? 

• Faster response on BLINK Hub when connected to HERO6 cameras.
• Enhanced robust reception of diversity antennas.
• Remote power on and off from the BLINK Hub app.
• Minor bug fixes.

In summary:
Please follow these steps to ensure the enhanced features of the solution are fully optimised.

  1. The SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6 should be updated to the latest firmware (v2.06) and FPGA version (v1.08). These can be downloaded from our updater app.
  2. To add the new SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6 to BLINK Hub, :pulse units require the latest version of WebView (v3.08). Simply plug into the updater app to add this new release.
  3. SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6 requires the camera to be running v2.01 onwards. Please ensure you update your camera software to the most recent version. You can find this here.
We have disabled the feature of using the mini USB port of the SyncBac PRO to forward external USB 5v power from the SyncBac PRO to the HERO 6 camera due to the unpredictability of GoPro HERO6 cameras when they are powered externally from some USB power supplies. This was essential to ensure robust and reliable camera operation. To maximize the battery life of your cameras we advise using the BLINK Hub app to remotely turn on and off your camera, so you are not using power when not recording.
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