Firmware update 4.19: Improvements to system performance & new features

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New version 4.19 firmware is now available to download for :pulse, :wave, :minitrx+ and the Denecke TS-TCB Slate. This latest update improves the quality of our system performance by providing bug fixes for issues that have surfaced since the release of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. It also adds great new features for Sound Devices 6-Series and Denecke TS-TCB Slate users.

What’s new?

This update:

  • Fixes RF issues to improve BLINK communication.
  • Addresses iOS 10 WiFi connectivity issues.
  • Resolves macOS Sierra WiFi connectivity issues.
  • Enables Denecke TS-TCB Slate users to send the same text to multiple BLINK RF connected slates via BLINK Hub, with automatic centering of text.
  • Introduces automatic mirroring of Scene/Take information from the Sound Devices 6-Series recorder directly to all connected TS-TCB Slates.

Get updated

To unlock these new features and improvements, please download Version 4.19 using the Timecode Systems USB Updater App available to download from our Firmware page.

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