10 defining moments of 2016

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2016 was a huge year for Timecode Systems. From launching our first timecode solution for GoPro to opening a US office, there were a lot of major events that will not only be forever imprinted in our company history, but will also help spur big changes in the advancement of new timecode technologies in 2017 and beyond.

Here’s a look at what (in our opinion) were the 10 defining moments that changed the world of timecode in 2016.

1. History is made with the launch of the first timecode sync solution for GoPro

Can you timecode sync a GoPro? 2016 was the year whole production teams rejoiced, as following the launch of SyncBac PRO, we were able say “YES WE CAN!”.

2. Bespoke Sound Devices workflow shows the true power of collaboration

We believe integrating great technology to serve a common purpose is the best way to drive broadcast technology forward. Our latest collaboration with Sound Devices definitely ticked this box.

3. SyncBac PRO achieves ‘game changer’ status from the IABM

We always knew synchronising GoPros was a huge development for the broadcast industry, and the IABM confirmed it by giving SyncBac PRO a Game Changer Award at the 2016 NAB Show.

4. Price reductions unveiled across core product range

Due to the large quantities of SyncBac PRO units now in production, we had to boost our manufacturing capabilities in 2016 and passed the resulting production efficiencies on to our customers through price reductions across our core products.


5. Receiving the official stamp of approval from GoPro

When GoPro launched Works with GoPro in April, we were one of the five inaugural members to be accredited by the scheme.

6. Putting down new roots in the US

Opening a US office had always been part of our long-term strategy, but the massive response to the SyncBac PRO made it happen in 2016.

7. We win a Best of Show Award at IBC2016

Recognition with a Best of Show Award from TVBEurope at IBC 2016 was another strong vote of confidence from the industry for SyncBac PRO.

8. Multicamera sync and control got sophisticated with the :pulse

With the :pulse we launched our most feature packed workflow solution yet, offering wireless sync and remote device control capability in one compact product.


 9. Take control of multicamera shoots from a single screen

The release of the BLINK Hub app enabled crews to monitor and synchronise video and sound sources centrally, at the point of shooting. Just another way we’ve helped production teams avoid the time and cost of having to manually fix any synchronisation issues in postproduction.

10. A new era for BLINK begins

Version 4 was our biggest firmware release yet. It not only integrated SyncBac PRO devices into our network, but also launched a new, super-charged BLINK RF protocol. This provides a great base for further developments in 2017.



And there’s more to come…

Choosing the right team and partners has been central to our success in 2016. From the team at Timecode Systems, to our manufacturers and our distributors, to the external companies we’ve collaborated with, we’re proud to have built such a great group of professionals around us and look forward to continuing to further develop these relationships and the capabilities of the Timecode Systems together in 2017.

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