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We’re expanding our operations by opening our first overseas office in the United States. The new office is located in the upscale business district of Irvine in California and will serve both as the headquarters of Timecode Systems, Inc., and as the distribution centre for the company’s products in North America. As well as increasing the company’s geographical footprint, a US-based office will give customers in this region direct, local access to Timecode Systems and the technical support it offers.

“Responsive, ongoing technical support is an essential part of a great customer experience,” said Paul Scurrell, CEO of Timecode Systems Limited. “However, due to time zone differences, providing the high level of support we promise our customers in the US came with challenges. This new office reinforces our commitment to being right there for our customers in North America.”

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Since releasing its first product in 2012, Timecode Systems has quickly established a reputation for innovation and collaboration. Over the past four years, the company has developed a suite of hardware and software solutions, and launched integration projects with well-established industry favourites including Sound Devices and Adobe. However, it’s the company’s newest product, an embedded, timecode sync solution for GoPro® HERO4 Black and Silver cameras, which has fuelled this latest move.

“We knew that synchronising GoPro footage was a persistent struggle in the professional film and broadcast world, but we’ve still been astonished by the huge demand for SyncBac PRO since we launched the product in April this year,” said Scurrell. “Opening a US office has always been part of our long-term strategy, but the response to the SyncBac PRO has definitely made it happen more quickly than we envisioned.”

Now, with the first batch of SyncBac PRO units, with an enhanced feature set, due to ship shortly, and the US office in place, the company is looking forward to entering an exciting new chapter that is far from its early beginnings.

“It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were working from a tiny office above a shop,” Scurrell said. “Back then, in 2012, it was just two of us and a vision. Now, with several award-winning products to our name, a growing team of developers and support staff, and an exciting array of new projects in the pipeline, we’re in a position to invest more resources into product innovation, the distribution of our products, and the service we provide to our customers.”

Timecode Systems will continue to work closely with Denecke, Inc., its existing distributor for North America, which remains an important part of the company’s distribution network in this region, alongside its established network of resellers.

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