Timecode Systems Selected by Procam as Exclusive Supplier of Timecode and Sync Products

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We’ve been chosen as the sole supplier of timecode and sync products to Procam, the UK’s largest digital cinematography and broadcast hire facility. The agreement comes as a result of a growing relationship between our two companies, which share the same commitment to using new technology innovatively to help production teams deliver increasingly ambitious shows as efficiently as possible.

SyncBac PRO timecode sync for GoPro seals the deal

As well as providing kit and crew to many of the biggest shows in the UK and internationally, Procam also works with productions to advise on the latest technology and build technical solutions that ensure filming runs as smoothly as possible. They have included Timecode Systems products in their product range for several years, but the decision to adopt the Timecode Systems solution as the rental company’s exclusive synchronisation system follows the launch of the SyncBac PRO. Released at the end of last year, the SyncBac PRO is a wireless, embedded, timecode sync solution for GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver cameras, offering for the first time a professional way to integrate the popular minicams into film and broadcast workflows.

“A sync solution for GoPro sealed the deal for us — this is a complete game changer for the broadcast industry,” said Paul Sargeant, director of operations, Procam. “We’ve seen how the demand for GoPros in the professional filming world has increased but now, with SyncBac PRO providing timecode, we can genuinely send out these cameras knowing they are fully compatible with broadcast workflows and with no concerns about finding workarounds or extra manual requirements for visual slating. Every multicamera hire involving Go Pro cameras that we send out will have a SyncBac PRO attached as standard. We don’t see this product as an add-on or an optional accessory; if you’re filming in a professional multicamera environment, it’s an absolute necessity.”

The full range of Timecode Systems products, including SyncBac PRO, is now available for hire through Procam. For more information on Procam visit procam.tv.

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