Timecode Systems Now Shipping the :mini trx+ With B:LINK Compatibility

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ORCESTER, UK Aug. 27, 2015 — Timecode Systems Ltd., a pioneer in wireless technologies for sharing timecode, sync, and metadata, announced today it is now shipping the :mini trx+ with B:LINK compatibility. The :mini trx+ also features several new upgrades that improve performance and provide increased mounting options.


“We originally created the super-compact :mini trx as a smaller alternative to the award-winning :wifi master, and now we’ve improved it further by adding some great new features, as well as B:LINK compatibility,” said Adam Parr, global sales director at Timecode Systems. “Now, in addition to providing super-accurate timecode, genlock, and word clock, it allows users to leverage the built-in B:LINK RF network to monitor status and control remotely. There is nothing else on the market that offers these features, and certainly not in a product of this diminutive size.”


The proprietary B:LINK RF network protocol keeps the same incredibly accurate wireless sync over the robust sub-GHz ISM bands but adds enhanced two-way multiplexed status/control from the :mini trx+ (acting as a SLAVE device) back to a B:LINK master device such as the Timecode Systems :wave. The Wi-Fi network of the :wave then allows the user to view the status and control settings of the :mini trx+ from third-party applications such as MovieSlate 8 and the Timecode Buddy :app.


The :mini trx+ also features a higher-capacity lithium-ion polymer battery upgrade and an option for a second LTC or word clock output from the sync BNC connector. Also included is a new anodised, solid aluminium bracket with multiple quarter-inch threaded mounting holes and a detachable hot-shoe mount. This feature allows for solid and flexible mounting.

For existing :mini trx users, a :mini trx+ upgrade package is available for a nominal fee. Users who purchased a :mini trx product after 1 July 2015 will pay only a shipping charge. More details are available via these links: www.timecodesystems.com/products/trxplus and www.timecodesystems.com/products/trxplusupgrade.

More information about Timecode Systems and its award-winning product range can be found at www.timecodesystems.com.



About Timecode Systems
Timecode Systems Ltd. designs and manufactures timecode hardware and software products that meet the needs of today’s shooting practices and recording formats. Whether using one camera in a studio or a whole army of wearables or minicams on location, Timecode Systems’ products offer television and film productions an easy and reliable way to generate, sync, and share accurate timecode and metadata wirelessly over RF and Wi-Fi. Since its launch in 2012, the system has become commonplace on reality shows, documentaries, and film sets across the U.K., EMEA, and U.S.

More information about Timecode Systems and its offering of integrated solutions can be found at www.timecodesystems.com.

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