Product spotlight: 10 features of the SyncBac PRO that create a sync-sational user experience

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In our previous product spotlight for SyncBac PRO, we talked a lot about the benefits of adding timecode to GoPros for postproduction. Here, we focus on the operator-friendly features we’ve added specifically to optimize the experience of the user-on-the-ground.

  1. Clip and go set up. SyncBac PRO clips to the back of a HERO4 Black or Silver camera via the HeroBus™ 30 pin port. There’s no need for fiddly external connectors or conversion kits to attach the unit to the camera.HERO+SyncBac_separate
  2. It’s discreet. At first glance, the SyncBac PRO could be mistaken for a GoPro BacPac™ battery extender. By mirroring this compact design, we’ve ensured HERO4 cameras remain as small, light and inconspicuous as possible when using SyncBac PRO.SyncBac_Front_Solo_Shadow
  3. It’s a flawless fit. The SyncBac PRO is fully compatible with HERO4 standard BacPac backdoor housings. You can even wirelessly jam timecode and receive metadata when your GoPro is prepped for total submersion.
  4. Simple operation. Ease of use is one of the things that make GoPros so popular. With its OLED display and a control interface designed to allow one finger navigation, the SyncBac PRO is equally uncomplicated.syncbac_slider
  5. Priced for multicamera shoots.The SyncBac PRO comes in at an RRP of $269 | £190 | €249, making it an affordable solution when you need timecode for multiple GoPros.
  6. Remote control from your phone, tablet or laptop.Whether you’re filming using two GoPros or 50, we want to make monitoring and controlling the sync at the point of shooting simple. Connect to the BLINK Hub app (coming very soon) using a :pulse as a ‘master’ unit, to unlock the advanced capability to wirelessly monitor status and control multiple SyncBac PRO units centrally from a single screen on your smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet or laptop.Screenshot_2016-07-07-17-17-03
  7. A stress-free sync. Synchronisation between units is via BLINK RF (our own wireless long-range sync, control and metadata exchange protocol). By using the uncongested long-range RF frequencies 865 MHz to 923 MHz, we’re able to avoid overcrowded Wi-Fi and the less reliable 2.4-5 GHz range so you can be assured of a rock solid sync.
  8. It doesn’t drain your camera battery. The SyncBac Pro has its own internal battery that lasts 12 hours.
  9. Use SyncBac PRO to make your GoPro’s battery life go further. Using the BLINK Hub app, you can remotely put a GoPro (docked with a SyncBac PRO) to sleep from the app and then start recording again from the app when the action begins.WWGP_FullColor
  10. It’s verified by ‘Works with GoPro’. SyncBac PRO was painstakingly designed to work perfectly with the HERO4 Black or Silver camera. SyncBac PRO is one of the first third party accessories to get GoPro’s stamp of approval as a result.

Time to buy?

SyncBac PRO is now in production and will be available to buy from our dealers very soon. Make sure you’re first to know when they are in stock by registering your pre-order here.

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