So much more than just great timecode

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In terms of avoiding drift and providing syncing points for post-production, wireless timecode is a great tool, but in more complex and changeable shooting set ups, productions often want even more accuracy and complete reliability when it comes to synchronisation. Major broadcasters are now routinely demanding timecode and genlocked cameras on multi-camera shoots. This is where our products come into play by offering the world’s smallest and lightest timecode and genlock failsafe wireless system.

This is probably best explained with an example. Imagine you’re out on what should be a fairly straightforward shoot. There’s a multi-camera unit and several single camera PSC crews filming on location for the same production. Or maybe it’s a live event with this kind of set up. You’ve set up for the day and hit record. Everything is going according to the call sheet. But then it all starts to fall behind for the PSC teams. The director has his head in his hands, everyone is looking a bit frazzled and it’s generally at around this point that a member of another camera team is called across to help out by cross-shooting at the last minute. Great team work, but what about the timecode? Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that when these unexpected changes happen, without doubt, every source of video and audio is perfectly in sync?

It may be relatively hassle-free to film from multiple and varied camera sources nowadays, but the real issue comes with how to sync them. Although it’s possible to fix sync problems later in the edit suite, this is time consuming and expensive, which makes getting it right at the point of shooting a massive benefit to all productions, especially those on tight budgets or operating with short turnaround times.

This is where the simple set up of our products comes in. If a camera arrives on location mid-way through the recording day, our users have the capability to simply attach one of our units to each video and audio source, select the right RF channel and get going knowing their content recorded will be instantly synced against an incredibly accurate master clock. And then when they arrive back on set the next day, they reset the master clock and everything is swiftly synced up again. Our products make it that simple.

This fast and simple set up means our products are designed to meet the needs of flexible and efficiently shooting practices. But, even more important than this, the integration of robust synchronisation means they can withstand the challenges of even the most unexpected changes to a rig.

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