10 reasons to switch to UltraSync ONE: Part 2 Superior Sync

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We’re back with five more reasons to switch up your system to include our new UltraSync ONE. In part one we focused on the design features that make our newest wireless timecode generator the most user-friendly solution on the market, so now it’s time to talk about its superior sync power. UltraSync ONE is the only product off its size (55mm x 44mm x 17mm) and price point (£240 | $299 | €279) to have genlock and word clock sync outputs, in addition to timecode.


And that concludes our 10 reasons. Ready to place an order? ?

The first batch of UltraSync ONEs were snapped up in just a couple of weeks. New stock has now arrived at Timecode Systems HQ and we’re on standby to start shipping out new orders this week. So why not get to the front of the queue by placing a pre-order with your local reseller or via our online shop (UK and Europe only).

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