Syncing 360 degree video at Sensation

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Photo courtesy of Sensation

As a first for TCS, on Saturday 8 July we’ll be donning white until the early hours of the morning to sync footage and audio at one of the world’s largest dance events; Sensation at Amsterdam Arena.

And while we may not be dancing, we’ll be putting our SyncBac VR system in motion instead. 360RIZE 360-degree video rigs, SyncBac PRO units and GoPro cameras will be positioned around the arena including the DJ’s podium to capture and synchronise footage of the night.

The event, this year called ‘The Final’, will be the last of its kind to be held in the Netherlands. Organised by ID&T, a new show is created every year in several locations across the world and attracts more than 35,000 people who dress in white as part of the theme.

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