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HJ Rorke, our Director of Sales in North America, took to the stage as a guest panellist at the Sports Venue Summit at the newly built US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

HJ (pictured to the far right) appeared alongside Brea Hinegardner from Minnesota Twins Baseball Club and Ryan Maus from the University of Minnesota Athletics. They discussed what sports fans look for at an in-home game-day experience, in addition to how companies leverage social media channels and mobile apps.

The key to managing multiple video angles

When the spotlight was on Timecode Systems, HJ was keen to discuss how our products, especially the SyncBac PRO, could benefit sports venues.

Speaking at the stadium, HJ said: “One of the tricks to this equation is the cost of the acquisition itself. Having multiple angles professionally managed from a production point of view is key.”

“We can manage any camera in the facility wirelessly with RF at a very low-GHz signal and then slave it to the facility’s timecode,” said HJ. “Using our SyncBac PRO and :pulse station, we can also add as many GoPros as you want throughout the facility, pointing at the game action or at the fans or behind the scenes. The timecode sync and the GoPros can be managed remotely via our BLINK Hub production dashboard.”

Save time with the SyncBac PRO

Since its launch last year, the SyncBac PRO has established itself as a game-changer in the marketplace and is used by many production companies across the world. It has been praised for its ability to significantly cut time during the editing process, and has been used on multiple television shows including “Gold Rush” and “The Island with Bear Grylls,” as well as by NASCAR’s Joe Gibbs Racing and at the 2016 Supermotocross Riders’ and Manufacturers’ Cup.

Find out how the SyncBac could benefit your production by visiting the website.

Photo courtesy of the Sports Video Group
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