TCB-57 UltraSync ONE silicone case

£16.00 excl. VAT


Black silicone case with a Velcro reverse, designed to fit the UltraSync ONE.

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Introducing the silicone case, custom-made for the UltraSync ONE.
The sleek black design boasts the UltraSync ONE logo in the right-hand corner and fits comfortably around the unit, not only ensuring it’s in keeping with the product’s design, but that the interior is protected. The reverse of the case features a robust Velcro strip and concealed magnet enabling users to securely attach their units to other accessories or external devices.


Key Features

  • x1 black silicone case designed to fit the UltraSync ONE


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Image of TCB-55 UltraSync ONE to 4-pin LEMO red cableUltraSync ONE silicone case with mounting threads - Atomos Logo