Picture Gallery: UltraSync ONE has arrived

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Since the launch of the UltraSync ONE, there have been masses of people across the world waiting to get their hands on the newest timecode solution. It’s no wonder that after shipping the units, so many of our users and resellers have taken to social media to share their first pictures of the UltraSync ONE in action.

Left to right: Our reseller Pinknoise Systems receives a batch of UltraSync ONEs, Simon Norman gets his hands on the UltraSync ONE and :wave bundle, Simon Norman tweets “Let the games begin! The Timecode wars have begun.”
Left to right: Jono Cary tweets us an image of his set-up, saying it’s “the best TC on the market by miles.” Nick Shaw tests his UltraSync ONE and Richard Thomas shows us just how small the units are.
Left: Thom Shafer receives his first set of units. Right: Paul Keyworth shares his BLINK Hub dashboard on day one of a show. Can you spot the UltraSync ONE on there?

Show off your UltraSync

Have you used your UltraSync ONE yet? Have any feedback for us? Send us a picture of your set-up and we’ll share it across our social media channels.

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Like what you see?

The UltraSync ONE is available to buy from our reseller network and via our online web shop for just £240 | $299 | €279.

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