GoPro and SyncBac Solution Bundles Now Available to Order

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If you film with multiple GoPros and want to save time and money in post-production, look no further.

At Timecode Systems, we have created one-off packages combining GoPro HERO4 cameras with our award-winning SyncBac PRO. This means that you can monitor, sync and control multiple GoPro footage all in one place.

Whether you’re in the UK, Europe or America we have the right sync solution for you.

Bundle 1 – Europe and United Kingdom

The kit is available from our resellers and includes:

X1 GoPro HERO4 Black camera

X1 SyncBac PRO

£450 (€540)

This is an instant saving of around £100. Stocks are limited and will come on a first come, first served basis.



Bundle 2 – United States

B&H Video currently offer a GoPro Dual HERO4 Black Timecode Kit available exclusively in the US.

The kit includes:

X2 GoPro Hero4 Black cameras

X2 SyncBac PRO

X1 :pulse

This is a complete multi GoPro sync and remote control solution for $2,295 – an instant saving of $300.


How much could Sync save your show?

Our SyncBac PRO has been used by production companies all over the world, including reality TV shows who heavily rely on using GoPros to capture multi-angled footage. ‘The Island with Bear Grylls’ is just one of many shows who have used our products, and this is what they said:

“It previously took a phenomenally long time for us to sync GoPro media without timecode; using SyncBac PROs on The Island with Bear Grylls has reduced this to seconds per clip. Using the SyncBac PRO has completely streamlined our workflow. It’s saved us a huge amount of time, and by extension, money, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Now that we know this solution just works out of the box, we plan on implementing it on other shows that we edit.”

Toby Robertson, technical operations manager, Princess Productions

If you would like to know more about how our SyncBac PRO can benefit your production, visit the website or get in touch with us here.

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