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Discover our expert selection of timecode bundles designed to satisfy your every sync need, whether you’re shooting with GoPros, in a more conventional multicamera set-up or capturing 360 degree content.

Here are the details:


OFFER 1: The ‘take me to any shoot’ UltraSync ONE bundle

$915 | £699 | €829

Act quickly. Limited stock remaining.

Contact your local reseller to place a pre-order.


OFFER 2: The ‘stitch doesn’t have to be a b**tch’ SyncBac VR bundle

Receive 10% off the SRP when you purchase a complete 360 VR workflow solution from 360RIZE including:

This offer is currently only available in North America. Simply register your details to receive the promotion code.
Only a few days left. Offer ends 31 May.

OFFER 3: The ‘no pain in post’ GoPro HERO4 + SyncBac PRO bundles

Buying in Europe and United Kingdom?

The kit is available from our resellers and includes:

1 x GoPro HERO4 Black camera

1 x SyncBac PRO

£450 (€540)

Buying in the United States?

B&H Video currently offer a GoPro Dual HERO4 Black Timecode Kit available exclusively in the US.

The kit includes:

This is a complete multi GoPro sync and remote control solution for $2,295 – an instant saving of $300.

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