SyncBac VR

Keeping your cameras in sync & you in complete control

The new SyncBac VR solution elevates 360-degree filmmaking to a new level of professional performance and control. Whatever twists and turns filming takes, start and stop recording all day long with complete confidence that all cameras are recording in sync, are fully powered and using the optimal settings for the shoot.

  • Use SyncBac PRO to wirelessly timecode sync, monitor and control multiple GoPros in a VR rig.
  • A new range of 360RIZE VR rigs, available for 6 to 24 GoPro HERO4 cameras with SyncBac PROs attached.
  • Use the BLINK Hub app to globally set all camera parameters, monitor SD card and batteries, and power on/off & record/stop all cameras simultaneously. All via long range RF.
  • Sync timecoded VR footage with separately recorded audio.
  • All media is automatically synchronised via timecode & ready for stitching
  • Compatibility with Kolor’s Autopano Video Pro completes the workflow providing an highly accurate and efficient stitching solution

Wireless sync & control for VR

SyncBac VR removes the guesswork from the acquisition of 360-degree content to create an efficient and professional VR workflow. Using the power of SyncBac PRO not only unlocks the ability to use timecode to synchronize all cameras in a VR rig, but also to control and monitor cameras simultaneously and centrally using the BLINK Hub app. This saves time, reduces manual effort and removes the guesswork around camera operation and malfunction. By giving VR a professional workflow, SyncBac VR significantly increases the opportunity to use VR filming as part of multicamera professional film and broadcast productions.


Shoot without disruption

With SyncBac PROs attached to every camera in a 360RIZE SyncBac VR rig, virtual reality filmmakers have the freedom to shoot creatively and efficiently, without being constrained by laborious manual slating processes, safe in the knowledge that every camera in the rig is shooting in sync and they are in complete control.


Sync while you shoot

Our SyncBac VR solution gives 360 content producers the confidence to start and stop recording all day long without the hassle of having to disturb filming to manually slate cameras. Using a highly bespoke modular 360-degree multicamera holder from 360RIZE, our SyncBac PRO units can now be used in a spherical array of between six and 24 cameras. This allows each camera in a VR rig to generate its own frame-accurate timecode, creating the ability to wirelessly sync multiple HERO4 cameras over RF, with no additional manual effort required. This means as well as offering massive time-saving benefits in the edit suite, SyncBac VR also minimises disruptions to the creative filming process. This a win-win situation; a win for artists, producers and DOPs, and a win for postproduction.


Control all cameras in a VR rig centrally

By giving VR content producers more central control of cameras, the SyncBac VR solution can significantly reduce the risk content being lost due to incorrect camera settings or malfunction of a camera. Using a :pulse to connect the SyncBac PROs in the rig to the BLINK Hub app makes it simple to treat multiple GoPro cameras in a 360-degree rig as one. From a single screen on a smartphone, tablet or Mac, operators can:

  • Set multiple GoPros in the 360RIZE SyncBac VR rig to start or stop recording simultaneously.
  • Identify low battery or SD card status on a camera before it hinders filming.
  • Alter the resolution, video format, frame rate and other vital PROTUNE™ camera settings for every GoPro in a rig globally at the press of a button

All with real-time feedback.


Streamline VR postproduction

A new sync feature, included in the version 3.0 update to Autopano Video Pro, incorporates full support for MP4 timecode generated by Timecode Systems’ products. The solution is compatible with a whole range of custom, multicamera VR rigs, includes rigs using GoPro’s HERO4 cameras with SyncBac PRO for timecode, and also other camera models using alternative Timecode Systems products. This completes the SyncBac VR workflow by enabling  multiple timecode-stamped MP4 files from the cameras to be imported easily into stitching software. This allows footage to be synchronized and aligned automatically, with complete ease and efficiency.