How does UltraSync BLUE fit into our system?

UltraSync BLUE is designed for cameras and audio devices that have Bluetooth capability and have adopted our timing protocol. It can work either in a network of UltraSync BLUEs or alongside other Timecode Systems products.

With UltraSync BLUE we've taken out some of the more advanced sync options (e.g. there is no genlock or word clock - that's the job of an UltraSync ONE) to focus on providing a low-cost and simple solution. But this does not impact on accuracy. Timecode is still transmitted and synchronised across devices with sub-frame precision.

UltraSync BLUE has the potential to work with any camera and audio device that has built-in Bluetooth® and has adopted our patented timing protocol. We are working with various manufacturers and will be making more compatibility updates over the coming months. Please keep revisiting this page for updates.


MAVIS pro camera app for iOS
Apogee MetaRecorder app for iOS
Pureblend Software’s MovieSlate app for iOS
Softron MovieRecorder and Multicam Logger
Zoom H3-VR Handy Recorder
Zoom F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder, Zoom F8N MultiTrack Field Recorder, Zoom F6 Field Recorder

Coming soon

Watch this space for further announcements!

UltraSync BLUE or UltraSync ONE?

The UltraSync BLUE does not replace the UltraSync ONE. The two products are designed to work alongside each other, enhancing the Timecode Systems ecosystem.


55 x 44 x 17mm

55 x 43 x 17mm





Blue 128 x 32 Pixels OLED

Blue 128 x 32 Pixels OLED

Battery Life

25 – 40 hours

20 hours

Charging time

3 hours

3.5 hours

External Power



LTC Input/Output

DIN 1.0/2.3 connector. Input or output, depending on the mode selected.

Via Bluetooth®, output only.

Sync Output

DIN 1.0/2.3 connector. Genlock, wordclock and LTC


Frame rates

23.98, 24.00, 25.00, 30.0D (drop frame), 30.00, 29.97D (drop frame), 29.97

23.98, 24.00, 25.00, 30.0D (drop frame), 30.00, 29.97D (drop frame), 29.97

Digital RF network

Yes – 865.050MHz to 923.200MHz

Yes – 865.050MHz to 923.200MHz





Two locking DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors


Connected External Devices

One for TC and sync, two for LTC

Up to four for LTC


$299 | £240 | €279

$179 | £125 | €149

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