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SyncBac PRO

For GoPro HERO4, HERO6 & HERO7 Black

Need timecode to sync GoPro cameras?

Our system does that too.

SyncBac PRO works with GoPro HERO4, HERO6 and HERO7 Black cameras in ways no other timecode generator can. Whether you’re using multiple GoPro cameras rigged across a location or as a cluster rigged for 360-degree VR filming, the SyncBac PRO offers production teams a cohesive way to capture, log, search, and synchronise GoPro content.


By embedding timecode directly into the GoPro camera’s MP4 file, SyncBac PRO allows easy integration of GoPro media into production and postproduction workflows. Camera media is easily dropped into the edit timeline and automatically aligned.

Wirelessly synchronize multiple GoPro cameras with Pro camera and Pro Audio devices for a complete multicamera film and television solution with our long range BLINK RF

Use our BLINK Hub to remotely monitor and control multiple GoPros from your tablet; including GoPros in rigs for 360-degree virtual reality filming.

Is the SyncBac PRO compatible with the new GoPro HERO8?

We are currently waiting for confirmation from GoPro as to whether they have successfully implemented the timecode and control features into the HERO8’s firmware. Assuming the firmware is fully functional, we are expecting to release a mount for the SyncBac PRO that will facilitate the HERO8 camera by attaching to one of the cold-shoes of the GoPro Media Mod accessory.

Work smarter with BLINK Hub

SyncBac PRO is much more than a timecode generator for GoPros. Connect to the BLINK Hub app to status monitor, control and customise the settings of a whole army of GoPro cameras remotely from any smartphone, tablet or Mac.

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