We can provide a pre-certified super accurate wireless timecode and genlock generator, in a super miniature integrated PCB for your product.

Customise your products


Would you like the functionality of a super accurate wireless timecode and genlock generator, but in a super miniature integrated PCB for your product? Let us provide a solution for you.

Bespoke timing pulse outputs to five microsecond accuracy and multiplexed two-way metadata exchange? No problem.

We can integrate our impeccably accurate sync, RF and WiFi capabilities directly into your products via a bespoke PCB set.

System One

System One


:system one

Our :system one controller board (:S1C) has a highly accurate TC and Genlock generator, an ISM Band RF transceiver and is designed to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of broadcast technology. The RF transceiver is frequency agile and can be used for a variety of communication roles. We will work with you to customise your :S1C to fit your requirements.

Development Kit

Our Development Kit is available for developers and companies wishing to work with our technology and evaluate its ground breaking potential in the broadcast and film industry.

It consists of two boards. Our TCS13 Breakout board and the heart of the operation – the OEM S1C TCS11 board. When paired togther, the core functionality of this system includes:

• LTC and GENLOCK generator, using a highly accurate TCXO
• LTC Input, LTC output, GENLOCK and word clock output
• Access to all pins of the 40way FPC ribbon cable
• Micro USB for FW/FPGA updates and board powering
• Optional external 7-12V PSU input
• Logic level serial interface for S1C API commands
• Sub GHz ISM band RF transceiver module
• 2.4GHz 802.11b/g Wi-Fi module for app connectivity, status and control
• Single U.FL antenna port and antenna



On completion of an evaluation licence, all of our developers and partners will be provided with a growing surplus of technical documentation and specifications. From our simple user guide, to in depth specifications about the flexible development board provided by the S1C development program.

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We love a new challenge. We would love to talk to you about how our :system one controller board could add new wireless timecode, sync and metadata functionality to your products.

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