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world class accurate timecode and sync

Combining slick design with impeccable sync capabilities, our timecode generators and transceivers are redefining the role of timecode sync products in the production process.

Rock solid timecode, genlock and word clock
A high grade, ultra stable TCXO creates the basis for a robust master clock. When RF soft locked using our bespoke long range protocol, all receiving ‘slave’ units stay synced with zero drift. All day long. Even when they’re free-running, our products will drift apart by just 0.2 frames in a 24 hour period.

Wherever you are
Every Timecode Systems product comes pre-programmed with 14 licence free international channels for different country ISM bands. These sub-GHz ISM bands sit well away from the congested bands of WiFi, Bluetooth and wireless video. They’re long range. And robust.

Fail safe
If the receive ‘slave’ units go out of range from the ‘master’ clock, they continue using their own super accurate internal generator. Then, when the RF link is restored, they soft lock back to the RF master clock. Completely seamlessly. All whilst providing rock solid timecode and sync to the connected device. So, you get all the benefits of a wireless system with the added security of a wired solution as a backup.

No fiddly controls
A single control knob and a screen allow easy change of the settings using just one finger. No complicated switch combinations. Settings can also be conveniently changed from a connected app.