UltraSync ONE

How does it compare?

What makes UltraSync ONE different to other timecode generators and sync solutions on the market?

With the demands of multicamera filming driving the requirement for more than just timecode to guarantee a reliable sync, Timecode Systems treats genlock and word clock as a necessity for filming today. UltraSync ONE is the only product in the world of its size and price point to have a genlock and word clock sync output in addition to timecode.

But it’s not just its superior sync that makes it stand out…

UltraSync ONE - timecode generators and portable sync box
UltraSync ONE Ambient NanoLockit Tentacle Sync Betso TCX2 Denecke SB4
Size (mm) 55 x 44 x 17 65 x 36 x 21 34 x 50 x 16 59 x 35 x 16 63 x 56 x 25
Weight (oz) 1.38 2.53 1 1.58 4
Genlock Yes No No No No
Word clock Yes No No No No
Digital RF network Yes Yes No Yes No
Display Yes No No Yes Yes
Wireless app control Yes Yes No No No
Battery life (depending on mode) 25 to 40 35 40 50 30
Locking connectors Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Number LTC outputs 2 1 1 1 1