Mini Base Station


Sync & Control

Offering sync and control in one device, the :pulse is the ultimate ‘master’ product for multicamera shoots. As well as being a powerful timecode generator and transceiver, our mini base station also connects your workflow to the BLINK Hub app unlocking the advanced control features of our multicamera solution. Adding a :pulse allows you to wirelessly monitor the status of your workflow and remote control devices centrally from the BLINK Hub app.

  • Highly accurate timecode, genlock and word clock generator
  • Powerful hub for metadata exchange
  • Introduce the pulse as a master to unlock wireless control features
  • Provides a robust gateway to the BLINK Hub app (WiFi and Ethernet)
  • Data port enables advanced timecode and metadata exchange with Sound Devices 6-Series products
  • Use alongside the SyncBac PRO to remotely control GoPro cameras

For full product details and set-up information, download a copy of our product manual.

In the box:

• :pulse unit
• Universal power adapter
• USB to micro USB charging cable


94mm x 67mm x 23mm




Communication between units over BLINK RF


Monitor & control from the BLINK Hub app


Wired connection to BLINK Hub

Connect via USB-C

Wireless connection to BLINK Hub

External power

5V micro USB & LEMO2 9-36V DC


Data port

Advanced metadata exchange


Mini USB (5V DC) or built-in Li-Polymer (3.7V battery)


approximately 200m

Sync Modes

LTC timecode, genlock & word clock


128 x 32 pixels OLED display


23.98, 24.00, 25.00, 30.0D, 30.00, 29.97D, 29.97


865.050MHz to 923.200MHz

ㅤㅤㅤ In a multicamera or 360VR environment, having such a high level of central control of multiple timecode, camera and audio devices on set means the :pulse considerably streamlines the production workflow, saving time and money at the point of shooting and in post-production.

Work smarter with BLINK Hub

Connect to the BLINK Hub app to status monitor, control and customise the settings of the :pulse remotely from any smartphone, tablet or Mac.