BLINK Network

BLINK is the RF protocol that locks our system together. It’s how our products communicate with each other and how timecode, metadata and control commands travel between units.

  • BLINK RF powers the robust, wireless communication network driving our system.
  • Creates a reliable wireless link between multiple timecode units over uncongested sub-GHz ISM bands
  • Unlocks the ability to sync, monitor and remote control multiple Timecode Systems devices and any compatible cameras and audio equipment via the BLINK Hub app
  • Enables remote monitoring and control up to 500m (line of sight)

What does BLINK do?

BLINK generates a robust and reliable RF link between our devices. The long-range sync, control & metadata exchange protocol forms the robust, wireless communication network driving our system.

Connect wherever you are

By using sub-GHz ISM bands, we can ensure a solid connection wherever you’re filming. BLINK operates in the uncongested long range RF frequencies 865MHz to 923MHz, which not only enables our products to avoid the overcrowding and unpredictability of Wi-Fi but also the less reliable 2.4-5GHz range.

A brief history of BLINK



When we first developed BLINK, it’s primary purpose was to share timecode and genlock one-way between units. This remains a core function. By selecting the same RF channel on each timecode device, this locks all receiving timecode units with a master. This allows the flow of timecode and metadata between multiple video and audio sources on set, creating a robust, consistent and reliable sync.



We realised we could make better use of the bandwidth by multiplexing two-way communication in between the sync data. This allows our customers to not only gather and share timecode wirelessly, but also remotely view the status and adjust the settings of all Timecode Systems devices on the network. You can monitor all connected devices up to distances of 500m (line of sight).



We developed the BLINK Hub app to add the capability to wirelessly control (as well as synchronise) the cameras and sound equipment our products are attached to, all from a single screen. This includes bespoke BLINK enabled solutions for Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorders and GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver cameras.



With the Version 4 firmware update, we’ve updated BLINK to allow all units to be assigned a ‘BLINK Master ID’. This enables all receiving timecode sources to be grouped with a specific master. So if you’re filming in an environment where there are multiple crews shooting (and therefore potentially multiple master units operating within range), you can be assured that you’re receiving units are syncing with the correct master.