Take control of a multicamera film or television shoot using our free and easy to use production dashboard and device control app

  • View, monitor & control all BLINK Enabled Timecode Systems devices
  • Record start/stop & control compatible cameras and sound recorders
  • Access using the :wave or :pulse
  • Compatible with any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet or
  • Powered by long range BLINK RF


What it can do

BLINK Hub allows film and broadcast production teams to remotely monitor and control not only multiple Timecode Systems units but also any compatible cameras and audio devices they are connected to from a single screen. This gives crews access to the complete production workflow from wherever they are – in the studio, on set or on location – directly from their smartphone, desktop or tablet.

From the app you can

  • Access a real-time dashboard displaying every Timecode Systems unit on set in one place.
  • Monitor and control the battery levels, sync status and settings of any Timecode Systems devices in use (:pulse, :wave, SyncBac PRO and :minitrx+ are all compatible).
  • Adjust settings, monitor battery levels, hit record and pause any compatible cameras and audio devices directly from the app.
  • Remotely put a GoPro (docked with a SyncBac PRO) to sleep and then start recording again from the app when the action starts.

When it’s useful

  • On multicamera shoots where there are several sources of sound and video.
  • To save time in postproduction by making sure multicamera footage and sound is synchronised at the point of shooting rather than relying on a costly manual fix during the edit.
  • Remotely controlling cameras that have been rigged in difficult to access locations.
  • Saving battery life on gear-mounted GoPros by putting the camera to sleep from the app and then starting recording remotely when the action starts.


Powered by long range BLINK RF

Timecode synchronisation, timecode and metadata exchange and wireless device control are over long-range and incredibly reliable BLINK RF. This is our own wireless long-range sync, control and metadata exchange protocol. By using the uncongested long range RF frequencies 865 MHz to 923 MHz, we not only avoid the overcrowding and unpredictability of Wi-Fi but also the less reliable 2.4-5 GHz range.

Multiplatform for easy access

The BLINK Hub can be accessed from any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet or Mac® computer. As a web based application, connection to the BLINK Hub app is via either:

  • WiFi (connected using the simultaneous WiFi feature of the :pulse or :wave), or
  • A wired connection to the Ethernet port on the :pulse

Simple setup

To launch the dashboard simply…

  1. Set a :pulse or :wave as your timecode ‘master’ unit.
  2. Attach a :minitrx+ or SyncBac PRO (as appropriate) to all camera and audio devices on set. This ensures all sources of sound and picture are synced.
  3. Use either the Wi-Fi connectivity of the :pulse or :wave, or the Ethernet connection on your :pulse, to activate the BLINK Hub app.
  4. That’s it! You’re ready to go.




Compatible from OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) onwards


Update your firmware

To get the most from the BLINK Hub app, please update all of your Timecode Systems hardware to run the latest versions of our firmware.

Contact Us

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