Free, multiplatform and convenient remote monitoring and control.


Work smarter with BLINK Hub

It’s multi-tasking made easy.

Enjoy complete wireless remote control of synchronisation. Keep an eye on battery levels. Get more from your Sound Devices metadata. Send global commands to a whole army of GoPros; even those rigged in difficult to access locations. BLINK Hub transforms the way you work by giving you access to the complete production workflow directly from your smartphone, desktop or tablet. And with BLINK RF powering everything you do, you can rely on a robust exchange of information wherever you are – in the studio, on set or on location.


Get a snapshot of sync status and keep an eye on battery and memory card levels. BLINK Hub makes it easy to track what’s happening with not only your Timecode Systems products but also Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorders and GoPro HERO4 cameras using SyncBaC PRO.


Change the settings of your Timecode Systems units centrally. Switch multiple GoPros in a VR rig on simultaneously. And keep an eye on GoPro camera settings on the same screen too. You can even set a Sound Devices mixer/recorder to record and arm/disarm tracks from your tablet.


Personalise each unit with a name. Call it ‘Camera 1’, ‘Presenter camera’ or ‘Pit lane camera’… whatever makes most sense to you. Group units into colours and assign unique names for Sound Devices tracks. Sometimes the little things make a huge difference.


Choose how to connect


Working with Android? 

Due to new security regulations the BLINK Hub app is not compatible with Android 9.0 and as a result has been removed by Google from the Play Store.
If you currently have our Android App installed it will continue to work provided you continue to run a version earlier than Android 9.0.
Users on Android 9.0 will be required to use their web browser to access BLINK Hub. This can be done by typing the IP address of your :pulse / :wave into your mobile devices browser once connected via WiFi or Ethernet.




EDIT: Added support for Zoom H3-VR.
EDIT: Visual enhancements.

EDIT: Resized scaling issue on smaller screens.
EDIT: Tile size adjusted.

FIX: Fixed scaling issue on smaller screens.
FIX: Fix regarding local data not being saved.

ADD: Added UltraSync BLUE compatibility
ADD: Added Priority system – Order your units however you want!
ADD: Added Double tap ability – Open up your unit settings by double tapping on it.
ADD: Added ‘Leave Blink hub unlocked’. Disables the passcode security feature at user’s own risk.
ADD: Added ‘Save unit priority’ to allow for saving the priority system.
ADD: Added ‘Username’ field.
ADD: Added ‘Production Name’ field.
ADD: Added left / right arrows for swapping between units on the Attached device panel – This allows you to click through attached devices exclusively.

EDIT: Changed our loading screen to suit the look of the Hub better – includes tooltip.
EDIT: Changed our panel for turning attached units on or off – uses a new big button system.
EDIT: Changed our panel for choosing colours – uses a new big button system.
EDIT: Behind the scenes changes to how we construct our tiles for future developments.

REMOVE: [Important] Removed the Wi-Fi controls and Infrastructure support.
Saved user clicks by putting the hub settings menu behind a button instead of a dropdown.

ADD: Added BLINK Hub compatibility for the SyncBac PRO for HERO6, allowing for it to be monitored and controlled from the app.
ADD: Added BLINK Hub compatibility for GoPro HERO6 and it’s additionally supported Protune settings and resolution formats.
ADD: Added Umber, an earthy brown.
ADD: Added Lead, internally dubbed Blue Steel – A modern metallic blue.
ADD: Added Titanium, a new take on our panels, inverted to white with black text.

FIX: Fixed a bug where the GoPro HERO4 Silver was not supported to it’s fullest potential during certain circumstances.

EDIT: Changed the colour selection option boxes to be smaller and neater – for future expansion.

ADD: Added Aureolin, a new colour which is matte yellow in hue.
ADD: Added BLINK Hub compatibility for the UltraSync ONE, allowing for it to be monitored and controlled from the app.

FIX: Fixed a bug where setting GoPro exposure would not trigger a control panel.
FIX: Repaired the :wave / Denecke TS-TCB slate interaction, allowing for slate control on a :wave master.

EDIT: Tweak to how we handle auto colour for groups.
EDIT: Overhauled the way the Hub handles outgoing commands for a quicker experience.
EDIT: Overhauled the way we handle user alerts to allow broader future compatibility.

REMOVE: Removed redundant data for a smoother experience.

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