SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6

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The SyncBac PRO for HERO6 is a wireless, embedded timecode sync solution for GoPro.

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The new SyncBac PRO for HERO6 brings the power of wireless synchronisation and multi camera control to GoPro’s newest generation of cameras. SyncBac PRO enables the GoPro HERO6 camera to generate accurate timecode, producing a timecoded MP4 file at source. This makes it simple, efficient, and cost-effective to integrate GoPro HERO6 cameras in to professional workflows.

With SyncBac PROs generating timecode for GoPros, there’s no need to disrupt the creative flow of filming to manually slate cameras. So filmmakers can concentrate on capturing the innovative content that makes incredible television and films.

At the end of the shoot, the editor receives an SD card with frame accurate, timecode embedded into the MP4 file. With no need to manually align content, SyncBac PRO makes it quicker and easy to transfer camera media directly into post-production timeline for an efficient and cost-effective edit.


Key features

  • Custom design for GoPro HERO6 black cameras.
  • Use the cable provided and the standard HERO6 backdoor frame to securely connect the SyncBac PRO to the camera.

  • Wirelessly synchronise multiple GoPro cameras over BLINK RF.

  • Synchronise GoPros with pro cameras and pro audio devices for a complete multi camera wireless workflow solution.

  • By embedding timecode directly into the HERO6’s MP4 file, SyncBac PRO allows easy integration of GoPro media into production and post-production workflows. Camera media is easily dropped into the edit timeline and effortlessly aligned.

  • Compatible with the BLINK Hub app to enable convenient control of sync and remote control of groups of cameras simultaneously from a smartphone, tablet or Mac.

  • Use BLINK Hub to start and stop multiple GoPros simultaneously from a tablet.

  • Get real-time feedback on status and settings for multiple GoPros.



Dimensions: 57mm x 40mm x 15mm

Weight: 58g, 2.04oz

Blue OLED display: 128 x 32 pixel resolution

External power: USB-C

Internal power: Built-in Lithium Polymer (3.7V battery)

Supported FPS modes: 23.976, 25, 29.97

T/C input: Provided by a Master Timecode Systems product, such as a :pulse base station or another SyncBac PRO

T/C output: HEROBus connector (SyncBac PRO for HERO4 only), embedded timecode metadata in MP4 camera media


What’s in the box?

  • SyncBac PRO unit
  • USB-C cable for charging
  • Multi-region power adaptor


Important notes: firmware

  1. To fully optimise the enhanced features of the SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6, your units should be updated to the latest firmware (v2.06) and FPGA version (v1.08). These can be downloaded from our updater app.
  2. To add the new SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6 to BLINK Hub, please update your :pulse to the 3.08 version of WebView. Simply plug into the updater app to add this new release.
  3. SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6 requires the camera to be running v02.01 onwards. Please ensure you update your camera software to the most recent version. You can find this here.




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