Product spotlight: Ten reasons to add a :minitrx+ to your next shoot

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The compact size and affordable price point of the :minitrx+ means it can at first glance be mistaken for a simple, ‘set and forget’ style timecode generator. But, it’s a whole lot more than this. So here are ten things you really should know about our smallest and most cost-effective multi-camera timecode sync solution.

The :minitrx+

The :minitrx+

  1. It’s camera operator-friendly. Let’s face it, no camera operator wants a bulky timecode box attached to their camera for a long shoot day. At 29mm x 44mm x 70mm, the :minitrx+ mounts discretely and adds little to the camera weight (just 138g to be exact).
  2. An affordable solution for multi-camera shoots. We’ve reduced our prices. Due to the large quantities of SyncBac PRO units now in production, we’ve boosted our manufacturing capabilities in recent months. We’re passing the resulting production efficiencies on to our customers through price reductions across our product range. The :minitrx+ comes in at an RRP of $499 | £335 | €455, making it an affordable solution when you need timecode for multiple cameras on a shoot.
  3. The smallest (and cheapest) timecode, genlock and word clock generator on the market. Timecode is an amazing tool but with the :minitrx+ you also have the option of using its genlock and word clock outputs too. As the number of camera and sound sources is multiplying, production teams and broadcasters are increasingly looking for the added certainty of a sync powered by genlock or word clock, especially during complex and changeable shoots.
  4. Remote control from your phone, tablet or desktop. Can’t reach a camera rigged up high on a jib? On a shoot involving multiple video and sound sources and a tight schedule? When used in conjunction with a :wave or :pulse as a ‘master’ unit, you can connect the :minitrx+ to the BLINK Hub app (coming very soon). This unlocks the advanced capability to wirelessly view, monitor status and control multiple :minitrx+ units centrally from any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet or computer. 
  5. Use it to sync a DSLR. A frequently asked question we get from our user community is this: “How can I sync a DSLR?” Our answer is always the same – “Get yourself a :minitrx+.” Its compact size combined with multiple mounting options, make it a great solution for smaller non-timecoded cameras. Let us explain…
  6. In fact, mount it anywhere. The :minitrx+ comes with an aluminium anodised bracket connector block with multiple quarter-inch threaded mounting holes and a detachable hot-shoe mount. This creates a solid and flexible mounting solution.
  7. Power through even a long shoot day. In addition to its internal battery (which will last for up to 12 hours of filming), the :minitrx+ also has external powering options via USB or Hirose. So there’s no need to worry about your timecode running out of steam (even when the crew has!)
  8. Wireless sync over RF (not Wi-Fi). Synchronisation between units is via BLINK RF (our own wireless long-range sync, control and metadata exchange protocol). By using the uncongested long range RF frequencies 865 MHz to 923 MHz, we’re not only able to avoid the overcrowding and unpredictability of Wi-Fi but also the less reliable 2.4-5 GHz range. to create a rock solid sync between units, wherever you are.
  9. A solid sync (even if a unit drifts out of range). Using our RF, units will sync as far apart as 500m (line of sight). But it feels good to have a back-up option for shoots across particularly sprawling locations. If a :minitrx+ drifts out of range, the crystal inside the unit continues to feed timecode accurately to the connected device and then syncs again once back in range. So, you don’t have to worry.
  10. Feature film, reality or documentary – it’s incredibly versatile. From filming expeditions to the peak of Kilimanjaro to keeping tabs on James Bond and helping safeguard footage during an explosive Avengers action sequence, the :minitrx+ adapts and provides a reliable sync solution in all shooting scenarios.

For more information on the :minitrx+ visit our product page, or to buy, contact your local Timecode Systems dealer.

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