Timecode Systems at the NAB Show 2017

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We’re heading to Las Vegas with new products, enhanced features, and some exciting updates to our BLINK Hub app that together demonstrate how its solutions combine to deliver significant time and cost savings throughout the production process, from acquisition through to postproduction. This year we will be showcasing not only how its system streamlines multicamera production workflows, but also how it now offers those same efficiency benefits to virtual reality filmmakers.

New Virtual Reality Sync Solution Gives 360-Degree Filming a Professional Workflow

Over the past few years, more and more video production companies, advertising agencies, and broadcast networks have started experimenting with virtual reality (VR) filming, but integrating 360-degree content into professional production workflows has been time-consuming due to the manual process of synchronising the multiple streams of non-timecoded footage. The main challenge of using 360-degree content more in television is being able to capture and produce VR content to the same standards, and with the same efficiency, as mainstream multicamera filming methods. At the 2017 NAB Show, we will unveil how SyncBac PRO and the BLINK Hub app can be combined to offer a timecode synchronisation solution for GoPro cameras in VR rigs.

BLINK Hub App Enables Remote Control of Virtual Reality Rigs From a Tablet

A new update to the BLINK Hub app will include a highly customised virtual reality feature that makes it simple to treat multiple GoPro cameras in a rig as one. Whether there are six or 24 cameras in a spherical array, this solution takes the guesswork out of VR filming by making it easy to view, monitor, and control every camera centrally from a single screen on any smartphone, tablet, or Mac®.

“For Timecode Systems, 2017 is all about virtual reality (VR) and bringing the increased efficiency and cost savings we’ve already delivered to multicamera production teams to 360-degree filmmakers,” said Paul Scurrell, CEO of Timecode Systems Ltd.

“When we launched SyncBac PRO, we gave production teams a way to integrate GoPro footage seamlessly into professional production workflows. Now we’re looking to do the same for VR and, in doing so, significantly increase the opportunity to use 360-degree filming in professional film and broadcast productions.”

Joe Gibbs Racing Takes the Spotlight on Timecode Systems Booth

A NASCAR race car will be the centrepiece of our 2017 booth. This represents the launch of an exciting project between the company and Joe Gibbs Racing. Members of the pit crew from the leading NASCAR team will join Timecode Systems at the 2017 NAB Show to show.

More information about the show can be found here.

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