We’re making multicamera video production mainstream

Disrupting the market by being ambitious with our technology is something we’ve made a habit of over the years at Timecode Systems. With UltraSync BLUE, our mission is bigger than ever: we want to make multicamera video production mainstream. We believe UltraSync BLUE has the power to launch a new era of content creation by making multicamera sync equally accessible to professional, prosumer and amateur filmmakers.

Making timecode-over-Bluetooth the new sync standard

Driving the UltraSync BLUE is an incredibly robust timing protocol. This is our own patented technology and allows timecode to be transmit over Bluetooth™ with sub-frame accuracy. This level of sync accuracy over Bluetooth™ is unrivalled. In theory, any recording device with Bluetooth™ capability can adopt our protocol – it is designed to be versatile. This creates a real opportunity for timecode-over-Bluetooth to become the ‘sync standard’ for the newest generation of cameras and audio devices, regardless of whether it is high-end equipment designed for professional crews or models favoured by enthusiastic amateurs.

How are we doing this?

We have introduced the capabilities of UltraSync BLUE by showing its compatibility with iPhones (using the MAVIS pro camera app and Apogee’s MetaRecorder app). Now we are talking to a range of camera and sound recorder manufacturers, as well as other app developers, who have expressed interest in adopting our protocol. For example, Zoom Corporation has already confirmed that their new H3-VR Handy Recorder and F8n MultiTrack Field Recorder will be released with UltraSync BLUE compatibility later this year.

We’ve made the adoption of our UltraSync BLUE protocol as simple as possible for manufacturers


Enabling third party devices to accept timecode over Bluetooth from the UltraSync BLUE is a simple process:

  • The manufacturer or developer is invited to enter into a free SDK licence agreement with Timecode Systems.
  • This allows us to supply a source code SDK library to them.
  • This SDK can integrate into the firmware of any camera or audio hardware device with a Bluetooth LE module.
  • Or, if the third party is an app, the SDK is embedded into an iOS/Android/MacOS/Windows SDK library.
  • Our supplied code does all the clever stuff, so once this code is ‘plugged in’, it will automatically decode our Bluetooth Sync/Control protocol.

We’ll announce new compatibilities as they are confirmed. So, watch this space. A new era of multicamera video production is coming.