Timecode Systems
Integration Technology


Use :system one to integrate a highly accurate and wireless controlled timecode and genlock source directly into your product.

Our :system one controller board (:S1C) has a highly accurate TC and Genlock generator, an ISM Band RF transceiver and is designed to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of broadcast technology. The RF transceiver is frequency agile and can be used for a variety of communication roles. We will work with you to customise your :S1C to fit your requirements.

The key considerations are:


The :S1C can be fitted with or without a WiFi module. Adding WiFi gives your products automatic compatibility with our third party applications (e.g. MovieSlate, Adobe Prelude LiveLogger, Softron Movie Recorder and Multicam Logger etc).


Select the :S1C board that best fits your product and power priorities:


This version consumes the lowest active power, making it ideal for battery-powered systems where power consumption is critical.

Option 2 – RED VERSION

Featuring both USB 2.0 OTG and RMII interface for a wired Ethernet interface, this version has the most powerful 32 bit microcontroller with the best ability for high data throughputs or intense CPU power.


Integration of our :system one into third party products is achieved through the pre-certified S1C module. This module is highly configurable in terms of communication and signalling and can easily be adapted to suit most host requirements.

The module can communicate with the host using several different options:

  • Serial: Logic level Tx/Rx with CTS/RTS handshake if required. Baud rate to suit.
  • SPI – Generic three wire signalling. Master or slave configuration.
  • I2C – Generic two wire system. Master or slave configuration.


Curious how this works in reality?

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