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We strive to provide products that offer the most accurate and reliable timecode solutions on the market. Unfortunately, from time to time things go wrong, and when this happens we work hard to provide solutions as quickly as possible.

On this page, we share known faults that our development team are currently working on, along with suggestions on how to avoid these issues occurring or to minimise the impact caused by a fault until an update is released.

We encourage all users to report any issues with our system as soon as they are noticed. You can report a fault using the link on this page, which will ensure it is flagged with our development team promptly.


No current device faults

Noticed a problem with this product? Please report the fault here.


No current device faults

Noticed a problem with this product? Please report the fault here.

UltraSync BLUE

No current device faults

Noticed a problem with this product? Please report the fault here.

SyncBac PRO (GoPro H6/H7 Black)

SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO7 Black

Accuracy on longer shoots

We have investigated reports from users experiencing timecode drift on longer shoots when using the SyncBac PRO with the GoPro HERO7 Black.

Our tests confirm this is caused when the camera segments larger video files into ‘chapters’. GoPro cameras automatically create a new ‘chapter’ once the file has reached a certain size. In chapters generated after chapter 1, there is a small error in how the camera timestamps the start of the chapter in the MP4 file. This causes a small drift in timecode in all subsequent chapters. 


To clarify exactly what this issue is, based on our tests using a GoPro HERO7 with a 64GB card:

  • ​This fault does not occur on short, single chapter shoots (so when filming for less than 20 minutes continuously). 
  • When filming starts, timecode is frame-accurate and the camera is filming perfectly in sync. For the first chapter (approximately 20 minutes of continuous filming) there is zero drift.
  • From the start of chapter 2 onwards a small, incremental drift occurs. 
  • For example during Chapter 2 (approximately from 20 to 40 minutes filming), timecode drift of 1-2 frames occurs. 
  • If you continue to film for 5 chapters (approximately 2 hours) you may experience up to 8 frames drift. 
  • Although the timecode provided in later chapters continues to be a useful sync reference for postproduction, it is not frame accurate. 
We suggest the following workarounds or solutions

An update to the GoPro HERO7 Black camera firmware is required to fix this issue. This is logged with GoPro. You do not need to return SyncBac PRO units as no action is required to repair the SyncBac PRO.

We advise if you are filming for more than a few chapters continuously, to upload all content as a whole (rather than individual chapters) into edit software. As timecode is frame accurate at the start of filming this enables you to search and align content accurately using timecode as a reference.

Camera crashes when using external power

We have investigated reports from users experiencing GoPro camera crashes when forwarding external power from the USB port of the SyncBac PRO to the GoPro camera.

Our tests confirm that when a GoPro HERO6 or HERO7 Black camera records it creates a power surge, which causes the camera to freeze, if the power supply attached to the SyncBac PRO is not of a high quality.

We don’t anticipate a firmware update from GoPro to address the power sensitivity of the GoPro HERO6 and HERO7 Black and have done all we can with in the SyncBac PRO firmware to limit the voltage drop which occurs as the power passes through from the external source to the camera.

We suggest the following workarounds or solutions

To avoid hardware crashes and the potential for lost footage, we advise the following:

GoPro HERO6: Due to instability in the GoPro firmware when external power is connected to the SyncBac PRO, we have made the decision to remove the forwarding of power feature from the SyncBac PRO when used in conjunction with the GoPro HERO6.

GoPro HERO7 Black: The external power option has been reactivated for the SyncBac PRO when used in conjunction with a HERO7 Black (v2.07 firmware). The quality of the USB power bank/mains adapter is crucial to ensure stable performance with the HERO7 Black, and to prevent lost footage.
If you are considering using the power through option running on the mains supply, please use one of GoPro's recommended chargers.
If you prefer to use a power bank, please ensure that your unit is of high quality and use short, high quality cables. As a guide, we have tested a variety of portable USB power banks and published the results on our FAQs page.

Click here for advice on GoPro's recommended chargers and the results of our USB power bank stability tests.

SyncBac PRO (GoPro H4)

No current device faults

Noticed a problem with this product? Please report the fault here.

UltraSync ONE

UltraSync ONE

"***Device Fault***" error

An intermittent issue was causing ***Device Fault*** to appear on the UltraSync ONE screen.

When this happens, the unit becomes unresponsive and all menu operation halts. Although the device can neither receive nor transmit timecode over RF when this occurs, it will continue to free run, so timecode continues to roll and sync remains accurate.

This issue has been resolved

New firmware v2.09 (released January 2019) has addressed this issue.
In firmware v2.09 we have added a background feature to log any fault condition, which will assist with the diagnosis of hardware fault errors. Additional routines have also been added to reduce the possibility of system freeze occurring from a fault connection.

Click here for more information and advice on how to update your units.

If you are using an earlier firmware version and experience the above error, resetting the unit will resolve this and restore complete functionality of the UltraSync ONE. So when there is an appropriate break in filming, we advise to reset the faulty unit by pressing down the ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys together and holding for 10 seconds. Please be aware doing this will reset the timecode to zero. If this unit is a slave, it will re-sync to its master when in RF range. If the faulty unit is a master, please ensure slaves units are in range when you reset to ensure accuracy is maintained across your sync network. Please ensure you then update to the latest firmware version as soon as possible.

BLINK Hub app

BLINK Hub app

iOS 13 Compatibility

The BLINK Hub fails to launch correctly on devices running the new iOS13 operating system.

Users attempting to launch the BLINK Hub app on devices running iOS 13 will notice that the screen starts flashing and becomes corrupted when the passcode pop-up appears.

This issue has been resolved

A new version of the BLINK Hub app is now available on the app store and resolves these launch issues. Please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the BLINK Hub to restore full functionality. **Compatible with all devices on iOS 11 or higher**

Android 9 Compatibility

The BLINK Hub is failing to launch on Android 9.

The BLINK Hub app fails to launch on devices running the new Android 9 operating system.

Due to new Google security regulations the BLINK Hub app is not compatible with Android 9.0 and as a result has been removed by Google from the Play Store.

If you currently have our Android App installed it will continue to work provided you continue to run a version of Android prior to 9.0.

Users on Android 9.0 will be required to use their web browser to access BLINK Hub. This can be done by typing the IP address of your :pulse / :wave into your mobile devices browser once connected via WiFi.

Scaling issues on small scale mobile devices

The BLINK Hub display is not scaling correctly for screens on smaller smartphone devices.

This fault is causing some buttons to fall out of visibility and difficulties updating some data fields. This problem does not occur on iPads and other tablets.

This issue has been resolved

Scaling issues on small scale mobile devices has been resolved in the 3.10 webview.

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