Sync for Sport

Cut to the moments that matter. Faster.

You’ve got every angle covered. Let us sync them for you.

What if…

  • One camera operator could control and manage 25 cameras?
  • All media cards delivered to post were pre-synced?
  • New cameras of all types could instantly join or leave the production ecosystem with complete assurance all sources will stay synced with each other?

Our timecode generators and advanced advanced synchronisation solutions give you more control over your content, creating efficient wireless workflows that save production teams time and money.

Whether you’re editing highlights for television, posting clips on social media or enabling team video analysis, Timecode Systems synchronizes content from multiple sources in seconds to give you rapid access to the moments that matter most to teams, fans and sponsors.

Wireless workflows: Our approach to sync

  • RF-based, wireless timecode synchronisation of multiple video and audio sources
  • Synchronisation between units is via BLINK RF. We use the uncongested long range RF frequencies 865 MHz to 923 MHz to avoid the overcrowding and unpredictability of Wi-Fi and the less reliable 2.4-5 GHz range.
  • Supports all camera and audio devices including GoPro cameras
  • Minimizes jam-free operations
  • Control up to 48 GoPros remotely from a tablet
  • All media is delivered perfectly synchronised & ready for postproduction

The increasing demand for low-cost additional camera angles

Television audiences today want to watch over an athlete’s shoulder as they prepare for a big race, and to see the player’s angle on a controversial tackle. They want to tune into social media to see a whole different perspective on a game or event. As a result we’re seeing:

  • The volume of media generated during multicamera filming is increasing.
  • Audiences expect more unique content than ever before, which is creating more complex shooting set-ups.
  • Camera costs can be low, but managing additional, multiple camera angles during production is expensive.
  • SD media and data storage in general is low cost, but manually aligning multiple media files in postproduction means edit costs can be steep.

How much time & money could wireless sync save you?

So, how do you cost-effectively manage the huge volumes of media delivered to postproduction at the end of a shoot? Our timecode generators and unique approach to wireless synchronisation allows footage to seamlessly integrate into a professional production workflow, cutting down the hours required to synchronise media in the edit suite. We an even make using GoPros for additional camera angles a genuinely low-cost and hassle-free alternatives to expensive professional cameras.

  • Sync while you shoot. Synchronise multiple GoPros over long range BLINK RF
  • Use SyncBac PRO to capture synchronised content using GoPros for a faster turnaround in the edit
  • Connect to the BLINK Hub app to status monitor and control multiple GoPros from a tablet

Case study: Using sync to enhance video analysis

Video analysis is increasingly being used as a training aid to provide meaningful feedback to athletes and sports teams. To use playback to refine techniques relies on the ability to analyze multiple camera angles on a performance side-by-side. To achieve this, accurate synchronisation is crucial. We have been working closely with a motor sports team to develop a synchronization solution designed to help them use behind the scenes footage of their pit lane teams to drive rapid performance improvements.

Case study: A goal post camera solution for the NHL

For major sporting events, the pressure is on to capture, log and share every second of the action. In 2015, Timecode Systems was part of a collaboration with GoPro and Vislink to develop an integrated wireless goal post camera solution for the NHL. The aim was to make capturing and broadcasting live content from the fast-paced Stanley Cup playoffs easier than ever before. With the addition of the SyncBac PRO to our product range in 2016, we can now offer the additional capability to start and stop goal post mounted GoPros remotely from any smartphone, tablet or MacBook. A great way to conserve the battery life of the camera.

"The ability to identify exactly where, how and why something happens is an extremely powerful tool. Our solutions give sports teams something incredibly valuable – the ability to repeat, relive, analyse and dissect every angle on the exact instant something happens to sub-second accuracy. The ability to analyse performance with such accuracy is incredibly valuable to sports teams."

Paul Scurrell, CEO, Timecode Systems Limited