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How adding SyncBac VR wireless sync & control created a more efficient workflow for a 360-degree safari shoot in Southern Africa

“The SyncBac VR solution has made filming so much easier. It’s thanks to Timecode Systems’ SyncBac PRO that all my footage recorded on GoPro cameras has been synchronised. The SyncBac PRO easily clips on to the back of the GoPro and the two fit perfectly into the 360RIZE camera rig. Knowing that I can extend the rig to capture and control footage of the wildlife has made it a valuable tool.”

Chris du Plessis, Owner, Photos of Africa VR Safari 

The SyncBac VR solution combines our technology of the GoPro HERO4 synchronisation of the SyncBac PRO with the option to control and stitch cameras in a 360RIZE rig.


Chris du Plessis, owner of Photos of Africa VR Safari (pictured above) was one of the first to use our SyncBac VR system. Chris, a professional photographer and videographer, travels through Southern Africa recording 360-degree footage and stills of African wildlife and landscapes. Chris has been using our ten-camera rig to shoot a virtual reality production.

SyncBac VR has proven to be a sturdy companion with Chris across the Western Cape, Namibia and Botswana. He has taken various shots sailing through the Orange River and the infamous Dune 45 on a quad bike and has been face-to-face with elephants, lions and crocodiles.

The SyncBac PRO units within the rig enable Chris to start and stop recording whenever he wants, and with a battery life of 12 hours, Chris can film a long shoot without worrying about charging his HERO4 cameras. The spherical array of the 360RIZE rig allows Chris to easily capture 360 degree footage – perfect for filming wildlife and other animated objects.

Check out our gallery to see SyncBac VR in action below.

12K VR wildlife production at Botswana. 360Rize Timecode Systems Limited Africa Albida Tourism

Posted by Photos of Africa VR Safari on Monday, 19 June 2017