Case Study

How a motor sport team used SyncBac PRO to boost pit lane performance

The sync set up

We worked closely with a motor sports team to provide a bespoke video capture solution to enhance their use of video analysis in the training of their pit lane crew.

Whether it’s a scheduled pit stop for refueling and tyre change, or an emergency stop triggered by a crash or other incident, the speed and efficiency of the driver and pit lane crew has a huge impact on a team’s race performance. This particular race team use multiple GoPro HERO4 cameras to film every pit stop, producing video playback and analysis as a training tool to provide meaningful feedback to their drivers and pit crews. With our help, the pit lane team has developed a workflow for capturing video content for training using SyncBac PRO, :pulse and BLINK Hub, which in addition to automatically synchronising content also gives the crew the ability to operate multiple cameras from the BLINK Hub device control app.

The value of our sync & control solution

The ability to identify exactly where, how and why something happens is an extremely powerful tool. SyncBac PRO gives users something incredibly valuable – the ability to repeat, relive, analyse and dissect every angle on the exact instant something happens to sub-second accuracy. In the case of a sports car racing team like this one, it gives them the power to identify that it was the moment a pit crew member dropped a nut that added seconds to a tyre change and cost the driver three places on the leaderboard. This feedback is invaluable to their training.

“Helping drivers to gain precious time is the key to securing the top position on the track and having the widest range of strategy options during a race. Using video playback is a great way for this pit lane team to review their performance and then refine our pit lane techniques. It’s made a huge difference to their pit lane training and other sports teams could definitely experience benefits from this approach too.”

Paul Scurrell, CEO, Timecode Systems Limited