A self shooter joins in the action


The scenario


Who’s on the shoot?

  • Sound recordist(s) and main camera operator(s) already synced with Buddies.
  • A self shooter


The challenge

A self-shooting camera arrives on the scene mid-way through the recording day to ‘cross shoot’ the action. How do you sync with the existing camera and sound?


The set up

Your main camera and sound has already been set up and your Buddies are already working hard.

To sync your self shooter, use your iOS device to log onto the WiFi of the ‘master unit’ Timecode Buddy: wifi master. Open the Timecode Buddy: app and visually slate and additional cameras. This gives your editor a visual slate of accurate ‘time of day’ timecode.


The sync

The timecode, user bits and frame rate of the :wifi master on the shoot will appear as a DigiSlate on your iOS device. For each take, the self shooting camera can be visually slated with the timecode of the recorded sound. This allows the editor to easily re-sync the sound and pictures in the edit.