Single or multi DSLR /
single sound recordist


The scenario

Who’s on the shoot?

  • A sound recordist recording audio locally.
  • Single or multiple camera operators recording pictures only on a DSLR camera (with no timecode recording capacity).


The challenge

Syncing separately recorded video and sound (like in the good old days of film).


The set up

Step 1: Make sound the ‘master unit’


Step 2: Run timecode

  • Set the :wifi master or :mini trx to ‘time of day’ timecode (Internal Mode), at the same frame rate as the camera.
  • Check the LED halo around the antenna and control button. A solid light = valid stationary code. One flash per second = timecode is running. No light = no timecode


Step 3: Sync camera with timecode

Open up the free Timecode Buddy: app on your iPad, and log onto the WiFi network of the :wifi master.


The sync

The timecode, user bits and frame rate of the Timecode Buddy: master in the sound bag will appear as a DigiSlate on your iOS device. For each take, the DSLR camera can be visually slated with the timecode of the recorded sound. This allows the editor to easily re-sync the sound and pictures in the edit.