Case Study

How SyncBac VR captured and synchronised 360 degree video footage of ‘The Final’ Sensation dance show in the Netherlands

Our team were invited to capture footage of the Sensation dance show at Amsterdam Arena using the SyncBac VR solution. Called ‘The Final’, the sold-out event saw 50,000 party-goers donned in white attend the last of it’s kind in the Netherlands.

The set-up

A :pulse base station was used as the master timecode generator, while a PRO 10 and PRO 7 360RIZE rig with coordinating GoPro HERO4 cameras and SyncBac PRO units acquired footage from the DJ podium and orchestra over long range RF. You may think that controlling multiple GoPros is a challenge, however thanks to the BLINK Hub application, the status of the cameras were monitored remotely from a single device. In addition to this, an audio recorder and UltraSync ONE unit were connected to the venue’s sound recorder to take timecode in separately. After recording had finished, multiple timecode-stamped MP4 files were produced which were easily imported ready for stitching. No other manual work was required, making it simple for our team of two to capture what they needed.

The end result

Use our multi camera workflow, add a touch of creative editing and you could end up producing videos like the ones featured below.

The 360-degree video on the left allows you to navigate your way through a number of alternative angles with footage taken from the rigs. On the right, we’ve combined footage from the rigs and separate GoPro cameras around the venue to create a standard platform video. With our system you can create innovative and engaging content at an affordable price – making it ideal for showcasing across social media, websites and more.

More about SyncBac VR

The SyncBac VR solution combines our technology of the GoPro HERO4 synchronisation of the SyncBac PRO with the option to control and stitch cameras in a 360RIZE rig. The rigs and full solutions are available to purchase through 360RIZE for North America and via our web shop for UK and Europe customers.

Experience the set from all angles:

360-degree video of Mr White's appearance at 'The Final' Sensation, captured by SyncBac VR

> Press play to grab the screen and move the cursor for different points of view

“When using the SyncBac VR system for this show, I realised there’s next to nothing on the market that rivals what our system offers. Our products are not only affordable, we can also generate low cost content including 360 degree footage with a fraction of the time used in labour and editing costs – something large production companies can’t compete with.”

Paul Scurrell, CEO, Timecode Systems Limited