Single professional camera /
single sound recordist


The scenario

Who’s on the shoot?

  • A sound recordist with a mixer and/or back-up recorder (e.g. the SD552) using wired or wireless audio into a professional broadcast camcorder.
  • A cameraman using standard start/stop ‘tape run’ timecode.


The challenge
Backing up the mixer audio with the same timecode as the camera is recording.


The set up

Step 1: Make the camera the ‘master unit’

Attach a :mini tx  or :mini trx to the camera.

Step 2: Run timecode

  • Select a channel. The camera timecode, user bits and frame rate will appear on the :mini tx or :mini trx display screen.
  • Check the LED halo around the antenna. A solid light = valid stationary code. One flash per second = timecode is running. No light = no timecode

Step 3: Sync camera timecode with sound

  • Attach a :wifi master or a :mini rx to the mixer and/or back-up recorder.
  • Select the same RF channel as the camera unit.


The sync

The timecode, user bits and the frame rate of the camera will appear on the :wifi master display screen attached to the audio kit.