Case Study

An integrated, wireless goal post camera solution for the NHL

As productions get increasingly ambitious, the number of cameras used to capture video and audio content is rapidly multiplying. This is particularly true for major live sporting events where the pressure is on to capture, log and share every second of the action using wearable cameras to capture previously unachievable viewing angles. This has created a rising demand for Timecode Systems' robust, wireless communication and synchronisation between all camera units on uncongested channels.

The sync challenge

Timecode Systems was part of a powerful collaboration with GoPro and Vislink to develop HEROCast™ Plus, an integrated wireless goal post camera solution for the NHL that made capturing and broadcasting live content from the fast-paced Stanley Cup playoffs easier than ever before.

In the NHL’s situation room in Toronto, operators monitor up to 16 simultaneous feeds from the games. Whenever a goal is scored or a contentious scoring play occurs, they need to be able to instantly replay the action from every camera angle in the situation room to provide a quick analysis. The outcome then has to be promptly passed on to each game’s referees and goal judge via dedicated communication lines.

Delivering pre-timecoded camera feeds to the situation room

By embedding highly accurate “stadium” timecode and sync with the video feeds wirelessly at the source, all wired and wireless cameras in each stadium were synchronized with each other. This eliminated timecode drift in the wireless video-transmission path and allowed the situation room to review frame-by-frame footage with complete accuracy allowing them to make controversial on the spot decisions with increased confidence.