How can I sync multiple cameras & sound easily?

Our system not only offers the most advanced multicamera workflow solutions on the market, it is also the most cost-effective way to synchronise multiple cameras and sound, delivering huge time & cost savings from acquisition through to postproduction.

Our timecode generators and wireless RF sync solutions make it easy to capture, log, search, and synchronise the huge volumes of content captured during multicamera film and television shoots. This delivers significant time and cost savings throughout the production process, from acquisition through to postproduction.

From the full power of the :pulse mini base station, to the custom design of the Syncbac PRO for GoPro cameras, to  the cost-effectiveness and convenience of UltraSync ONE, our products are designed to work with all acquisition equipment. Simply combine them to build a professional, wireless workflow solution that supports the unique needs of your shoot.

  • Synchronise multiple video and sound sources, including up to 48 GoPros fixed, roaming or even within VR rigs
  • A whole range of sync solutions, from the super small and cost-effective UltraSync ONE sync solution, to the advanced sync and control features offered by the :pulse
  • Use our products to provide the master timecode or slave to facility timecode
  • All media is delivered perfectly synchronized and ready for postproduction
  • Wireless control of all Timecode Systems products from BLINK Hub app
  • Simultaneously power on/off and record/stop multiple GoPros using SyncBac PROs centrally from the BLINK Hub app

“What we consistently hear from production teams using our system for the first time is complete amazement at how much time it is saving them when the footage gets to the edit suite. It's not a few hours saved, it’s often days, even weeks of postproduction time.”

Paul Scurrell, CEO, Timecode Systems Limited 

Our solutions are compatible with any multicamera production workflow, including:

  • Reality television
  • Scripted production: feature film, drama & episodic television
  • News and PSC/ENG
  • Sports

As used by…

The Island with Bear Grylls, Gold Rush, American Horror Story, Joe Gibbs Racing (NASCAR), NHL, James Bond Spectre, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Great British Bake Off, Masterchef, Made In Chelsea, The Apprentice, Hunted,

Your Timecode Systems workflow

Using wireless sync & control to streamline production workflows

The set-up

  • A large-scale main camera and sound recordist with the presenter
  • A roaming PSC (or ENG) team with the contributors
  • Multiple GoPros mounted around the location

SyncBac PROs and :minitrx+ units are now receiving the timecode generated from the :pulse with the sound mixer. This is transmitted between units over a shared RF channel. All sources now shoot perfectly in sync. At the end of the shooting day, the memory cards from the main cameras, PSC cameras, sound mixer and GoPros will all contain data files stamped with the same embedded timecode. This allows all media to be easily dropped into the edit timeline and automatically aligned for a swift and efficient edit.