Can you timecode sync a GoPro? Yes.

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As a sounding board for the broadcast industry’s workflow issues and ideals, timecode syncing GoPro footage was one of the most persistent struggles we came across during our discussions with productions. So we decided to develop a solution – the SyncBac PRO.

Over the last few years wearable cameras have become commonplace on professional film and broadcast sets. From sports events to documentaries to feature films, the capability to film such unique viewpoints of a piece of action makes GoPros incredibly powerful tools in the pursuit of capturing increasingly engaging content. But since these cameras are not timecoded, the challenge has always been how to sync the footage captured not only with other GoPros, but also with pro cameras and pro audio devices.

Until now, all we could do was offer the advice to visually slate these cameras with a digislate. It was a decent workaround, but it wasn’t the seamless solution productions craved. What they really wanted was timecode generated at source, producing a single file that post production could work with in exactly the same way as media extracted from more traditional professional cameras and audio equipment.

Working closely with GoPro, we’ve developed this integrated solution. The SyncBac PRO is a Timecode Systems accessory designed for GoPro that enables the HERO4 to timecode sync in the same way as traditional film and broadcast equipment.

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