Timecode Systems: App

Create a highly accurate and reliable digislate

Our original digislate app continues to be a great solution for any :wifi master users. It’s free to download and gives everyone from timecode loggers and camera assistants to script supervisors and directors access to the same perfectly synced timecode conveniently via their personal iOS devices. The Timecode Buddy: app also includes the capability to wirelessly view and control multiple BLINK devices.

We suggest :pulse and :wave users upgrade to the free BLINK Hub app.




The Timecode Systems: app is completely free with no monetized advertisements or micropayments.
Enjoy the Timecode revolution at your fingerstips and get the whole team involved.

Our original digislate app

The timecode, user bits and frames per second (FPS) shown on the :app feed directly from the incredibly accurate TCXO in the Timecode Systems product rather than relying on the clock within your iOS devices.

Use the app as an accurate visual timecode display, to get all the benefits of a full size traditional analogue digislate.

Slate cameras on multi camera shoots using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. This can obviously be ‘rec run’ or ‘free run’ timecode.

Log on to the Timecode Systems Wi-Fi network to make notes of takes and timecodes, removing the hassle from the edit process.

Use the BLINK protocol to view the status and control BLINK slave devices when connected via WiFi to a BLINK master device