MovieSlate® 8.5

A comprehensive metadata logging and reporting solution

With its innovative logging features, customisable and user-friendly interface and elegant reporting options, MovieSlate is the industry standard for production slates. With a range of optional Pro Features plug-ins available, you can now configure your MovieSlate app to meet the needs of your workflow.

For more information the MovieSlate website has the full details and many short videos.


Monthly subscription

The MovieSlate app is a premium monthly subscription app with advanced industry leading features. Upgrade now to take full advantage of the following bespoke integrated workflow solutions.


The Sound Devices workflow

To set up this workflow, connect a :wave or :pulse to your Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorder using a Timecode Systems interface lead. The MovieSlate 8.5 application, which runs on iOS 8, 9, or 10, can then connect to the integrated WiFi interface of the :wave or  :pulse. This integration not only ensures all recorded sound files contain the same accurate timecode as the cameras, but also allows a full exchange of metadata. As a result users can use MovieSlate to remotely control Sound Devices’ 6-Series mixers/recorders — to start/stop recordings, arm/name sound tracks, sync timecode, edit metadata — and effortlessly generate stunning sound reports.

To enable this feature download the Sound Recorder Sync Pro Feature