Adobe Prelude Live Logger

An Ipad app offering intelligent real time content logging

Production teams will love this new seamless way to track visual content in Adobe Prelude CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Using fluid graphics and iOS technology to create a highly user-friendly, customisable and accessible interface, Adobe Prelude Live Logger removes the hassle from the age-old problem of recording metadata and workflows for production teams.



Adobe Prelude Live Logger is a companion App to Adobe Prelude CC that increases the efficiency of the post production workflow.
A free app that will enable you to do more.

Live from location
Prelude Live Logger allows any member of a production to easily track visual content against highly accurate WiFi Timecode Buddy generated timecode on an iPad while they shoot. This is the same accurate timecode that is used and synced on all the technical equipment on the shoot.

From shoot to edit. Seamlessly.
Prelude Live Logger works effortlessly with Adobe editing software. Production metadata can be ingested easily into Adobe Prelude CC or Adobe Premiere Pro CC ready for the post-production experts to work their magic.

Speed up post-production
The ability to export metadata logged on Prelude Live Logger live on location directly into Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Adobe Prelude CC software not only significantly speeds up logging and editing, but also ensures a better quality of content notes.




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